API Documentation

Explore the App Center API Service with swagger.

Getting Started

How to acquire an api-token from App Center and make calls to the App Center API?

  1. Navigate to https://appcenter.ms and login with your account information.
  2. Click your username on the bottom left and select Settings

    The account details menu to select Settings

  3. Select API Tokens from the menu list

  4. Click New API token at the top and enter an appropriate description into the text field
  5. This will generate a pop up with your API token. Copy and store it in a secure location for later use
  6. Navigate to https://openapi.appcenter.ms and click on the Authorize button on the top.
  7. Under Api key authorization section, paste the API key token value that you just copied into the text field and click Authorize

    Setting api token value to authorize our API's

  8. You are now able to use any App Center API and see the response.