Deleting Push Data

In the context of Push Notifications, your customer's data can reside in one of three areas:

  • Custom value pairs used for audience segmentation
  • Audience definition and description
  • Push Notification: message details, or the campaign description.

Installations/Device information

If you're collecting custom properties from your customers and using them for Push Notifications, each of these values are for a unique install ID.

To handle a delete request for a Data Subject, you must first to export all data and look for the install ID for the requestor. Once you have the install ID, you can send a request to delete data for it.

  • Export all device information
  • Find the customer information, and retrieve the installation ID for that specific device
  • Use the App Center Delete API to delete device information for that specific device.{owner_name}/{app_name}/push/devices/{install_id}

Audience definition and description

If you're sending push notifications to an audience, this method will help you learn how to delete an audience. Here are the steps to get the audience information:

1. Retrieve all Audiences under your App

Use the App Center Analytics List Audiences API to retrieve all Audience information under your app:


2. Get the Audience name(s) which has customer information

Go through the list retrieved in step 1, search for any audience information containing your customer’s information, and generate a list of according audience name(s).

3. Make an API call to delete the audience

For each audience name found in in Step 2, use the App Center Analytics Delete Audience API to delete the audience:


Push Notification: message details, or the campaign description

Every time you send a push notification (campaign), the push notification details and stats are stored under a unique Notification ID. This information may contain personal details for users targeted by these push notifications.

1. Retrieve all Push Notifications under your App

The App Center Push List API retrieves all Push Notifications for your App:


2. Get the Push Notification ID(s) for the Push Notification containing the customer’s information

Search through all Push Notifications, find the notification containing your customer’s personal information, and generate a list of associated Push Notification IDs.

3. Delete the relevant notifications

Call the App Center Push Delete API for each Push Notification: