Migrating Existing Services

App Center is the next generation of HockeyApp, Xamarin Test Cloud, and CodePush.

It provides a unified suite of capabilities that will greatly benefit a mobile app developer during their continuous delivery process of build, test and distribute to testers, while monitoring the app for crashes and user analytics. It also integrates mobile backend services of Identity and Tables (for storage).  Some of these capabilities are built from ground-up while most others are using existing services like HockeyApp (Distribute & Crashes services) and Xamarin Test Cloud (Test service) under the hood.

Xamarin Test Cloud

Microsoft has seamlessly upgraded active paid Xamarin Test Cloud subscriptions to Visual Studio App Center. Visual Studio App Center offers the same devices, performance, and features as Xamarin Test Cloud, plus an upgraded API, unified CLI, and new features like saved device sets. It also integrates our automated test lab with our other App Center services, like cloud-based builds, app distribution, crash reporting, user analytics, and push notifications.

Xamarin Insights

Visual Studio App Center is the next generation of Xamarin Insights, offering similar feature set and performance. After retirement, you must remove the Xamarin Insights SDK from your apps and move to the App Center SDK to ensure continuity.