How to add Firebase SDK dependencies

The Firebase SDK is a dependency of the App Center SDK, so if you wish to use the App Center Push, you need to add Firebase dependencies by using the following steps.


If you are a Firebase customer and already use Firebase features, you can skip the following steps.

1. Integrate Firebase in application

  • In the Firebase Console, go to Project Settings.
  • Download the google-services.json file to the root of your project.

2. Edit config.xml

Open the Apache Cordova project's config.xml file, and add google-services.json as a resource-file inside platform android:

<platform name="android">
    <!-- Add this line -->
    <resource-file src="google-services.json" target="app/google-services.json" />

Remove the following line that is not needed anymore:

<preference name="FIREBASE_SENDER_ID" value="'your-sender-id'" />