Upgrading to App Center Push 1.11.0 or later from a version < 1.11.0

Version 1.11.0 (released in November 2018) fixes a bug in the Push.DidReceiveRemoteNotification(...) callback. If (and only if) the developer sets their own UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate, the callback was not triggered once a notification was tapped or once it was received while the app was in the foreground. To fix this issue, App Center Push captures the UNUserNotificationCenter's delegate and swizzles its methods to forward incoming notifications and notification-related actions to the App Center SDK.

If you want to disable the swizzling of UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate callbacks, please refer to the documentation to disable automatic method forwarding of UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate methods.

In case you did not implement your own UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate, there is no action required.

If you are using App Center Push's default setup logic (i.e. you did NOT add the AppCenterUserNotificationCenterDelegateForwarderEnabled entry to your Info.plist or it is set to 1) and are implementing your own UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate callbacks, please do the following:

  1. Check if you are calling Push.DidReceiveRemoteNotification(...). If you are not, skip step 2; no action is required.
  2. Remove any explicit calls to Push.DidReceiveRemoteNotification(...). For example, you no longer need to call didReceiveRemoteNotification: inside your UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate callbacks as App Center will swizzle the UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate callbacks in addition to your custom implementation.