UWP SDK Troubleshooting

Analytics data doesn't show up in the portal

  1. Make sure you have integrated the SDK modules correctly.

  2. Make sure correct App Secret is included along with the Start() method call. You can copy the exact Start() code by opening the app in the portal and navigating to Getting Started page.

  3. In the console, look for an Assert log with the message - "App Center SDK configured successfully". This verifies that the SDK is configured successfully and your logs will be forwarded.

  4. If you want to see the logs that get sent to the backend, change the log level to Verbose in your application and the SDK will print logs in the console. Call the API below before you start the SDK.

    AppCenter.LogLevel = LogLevel.Verbose;
  5. Make sure your device is online.

  6. At times, logs might take few minutes to surface in the portal. Please wait for some time if that’s the case.

  7. To check if App Center backend received your data, go to the Log flow section in Analytics service. Your events should appear once it has been sent.