HockeyApp Transition

App Center is built to be the successor of HockeyApp that fills the gap and offers a full continuous integration to delivery lifecycle. A single solution for continuously building, testing, releasing, and monitoring your apps.

The known HockeyApp services, Distribution, Crash Reporting, and Analytics are available in App Center, where they join new services exclusive to App Center: Build, Test, Push Notifications, Auth, and Data. We continued to build additional features such as iOS autoprovisioning and public app store integrations. Because HockeyApp’s distribution, crash reporting, and analytics services are available in App Center, HockeyApp will be retired on November 16, 2019.

November 16, 2019

Today, all your user and organization accounts are fully transitioned to App Center. Beginning November 16, we'll start moving over apps with little active usage automatically. Once your app is moved, you’ll no longer have access to it through HockeyApp. You’ll need to use App Center.


It will take us a few months to complete the move of all apps. If your app is affected by any of the feature gaps listed on our public roadmap, we won't move them until the gaps are closed. HockeyApp will still be available until then. We recommend you to move your app immediately once it becomes unaffected.

How to transition to App Center successfully

If you haven't yet, make yourself familiar with App Center. Let us know in case you've any questions.