HockeyApp Transition

We announced in 2017 that HockeyApp features and functionality would move to Visual Studio App Center. A single solution for continuously building, testing, releasing, and monitoring your apps. We’ve spent the last year bringing HockeyApp’s Distribution, Crash Reporting, and Analytics services to App Center, where they join new services exclusive to App Center: Build, Test, and Push Notifications. We continued to build additional features - such as iOS auto-provisioning and public app store integrations - that makes App Center even better than HockeyApp. Because HockeyApp’s distribution, crash reporting, and analytics services are now available in App Center, HockeyApp will be retired on November 16, 2019.


Find a detailed roadmap about the progress and remaining feature gaps in our public repository on GitHub.

The three stages of the transition

Stage 1 & 2 are done and we're currently working on stage 3.

Stage 1: Your HockeyApp data in App Center

All your HockeyApp data is synchronized to App Center. That allows you to work in both App Center and HockeyApp with your HockeyApp apps. To get started, simply sign-in to App Center using your existing HockeyApp credentials. The settings and user management still needs to be handled on HockeyApp. Learn more about your HockeyApp data in App Center.


Your existing HockeyApp accounts, apps and data are synchronized to App Center. This allows you to sign-in to App Center using your HockeyApp credentials.

Stage 2: Move your apps to App Center

While we synchronize your apps from HockeyApp to App Center, your data is still tied to HockeyApp together with the user management and all the settings. Starting in mid 2019, we will enable you to move apps fully to App Center. Moving your app will also remove the synchronization with HockeyApp, and give you full control of your apps in App Center. This will also be the moment when you can update your apps to use the new App Center SDK. The App Center SDK is built to be faster and more modular than the HockeySDK. Ship the App Center SDK in a future release of the app, and still receive data from the HockeyApp SDK in App Center from past releases. Follow our roadmap for the latest updates.

Stage 3: Move the user and account management to App Center

The last stage of the transition moves user and accounts management from HockeyApp to App Center. We don't require you to do anything, we're rolling out the different parts incrementally once they're done.

November 16, 2019: Farewell, HockeyApp!

After November 16, 2019, all HockeyApp customers will use the next generation of Distribution, Crash Reporting, and Analytics services in App Center and HockeyApp will no longer be accessible. We’re excited about HockeyApp’s future in App Center, and can’t wait for you to experience all the new features in App Center that will greatly improve your ability to quickly deliver high-quality apps.