HockeyApp data on App Center

All your HockeyApp apps are automatically available in App Center. In addition, all your HockeyApp distribution groups are available in App Center. All releases that have been distributed through HockeyApp are also visible in App Center. In the side by side experience, uploading new releases can be done in either HockeyApp or App Center, either location will be kept in sync in both products. Legacy distribution groups will be automatically created in App Center. These legacy groups will by kept in sync with HockeyApp. Any release to a legacy distribution group will be added to HockeyApp and testers will be notified and install unchanged via the HockeyApp experience.

Getting Started with your HockeyApp data in App Center

As a HockeyApp customer, your apps and account information automatically synchronizes and are ready for you in App Center. Therefore, getting started is easy:

  1. Sign-in to App Center with your HockeyApp Credentials

App Center Sign-In

  1. Once logged in, you'll see a list of all of your existing HockeyApp apps. HockeyApp apps are marked with a blue HockeyApp icon.

HockeyApp apps in App Center

Explore App Center services

  • Start using App Center's Distribute service to upload and distribute new releases to your HockeyApp app testers. New releases will be synced and reflected in both App Center and HockeyApp.

  • Integrate your HockeyApp app in App Center with the public app stores. Submit builds to the Apple App Store, TestFlight, Google Play Store, and Intune in just a few clicks, all without leaving App Center. Learn more about integrating with public app stores.

  • App Center's Crashes and Analytics services automatically streams data collected from your existing HockeyApp SDK directly into App Center. With App Center's new, rich analytics dashboards you'll get straightforward answers to the questions you care most about, faster.

  • Using App Center's Build service, connect your HockeyApp app to your code repository and, within minutes, automatically distribute successful builds to your HockeyApp groups or public app stores.

  • Extend your test suite using our new cloud based automated UI testing services. All without affecting your HockeyApp workflow.


While you can work in both services, settings for your HockeyApp apps are only editable in HockeyApp. Therefore, the following app management tasks can only be edited in HockeyApp:

  • Managing app collaborators and testers.
  • Managing organization owners.
  • Editing app settings such as the app name, and its public or private access status. 
  • Managing notification settings.

Throughout the App Center UI we provide direct links to the app in HockeyApp to edit the settings listed above. In App Center you can also quickly access the HockeyApp version of the app on the 'Getting Started' page. Just click the "Open in HockeyApp" button in the upper, right-hand corner of the page.