Happy New Year!

Hope everybody is keeping warm and firmly planted.  Here in the Pacific Northwest we've been having some epic kite flying weather of late.  70mph gusts of wind takes stunt kite flying to a whole new level of activity!  But that aside, I've been getting some good questions lately about what can and can't be done with UMDF at this point in time and I'd like to share one of them with the rest of the group.

Dear Patty,

I'd like to write a UMDF driver which;

Creates a USB virtual serial port, reads packets on it and then redirects those packets to a TCP/IP host.



Dear MP,

Currently we cannot use UMDF exclusively for this. The reason is fairly benign, but it is a blocking issue. HKLM\Hardware\DeviceMap\SerialComm is locked out to UMDF as we run in the local service context which does not have permissions to write to that key. We are working on a solution to this problem going foward, but I can't make any timeline promises.

In this instance, you could create a kernel mode filter driver which would have access to that key and then proceed onward from there.


In other news, I'm still working on the virtual device hybrid driver and my dog loves snow. So long as I'm not lumbering around in the troposphere hanging off a stunt kite, I'll have more for you later this month.