How to jiggle the handle(s) and get your 1.7 to work in Vista

As people who write drivers are something of a rare breed, I know we probably share a lot of common readers between our Driver blogs and via the OSR boards, but just in case the three or four of you who read my blog haven't seen this, I wanted to make sure it got out there.

We had a bit of a stumble with the 1.7 coinstaller package that went out with the WDK recently.

We're pretty close to being done with a fix as Bob said, so fret not.  I'd like to thank those who pestered me about the issue for helping narrow it down, and also those who pestered the external boards and email alias.

Now, if we could all join hands around the camp fire and sing "row, row, row your boat" to complete this little moment of community unity.


Still working on the Visual Studio stuff, but those of you with free time are more than welcome to skip ahead.



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