That boy's not right in the head

Holy jumpin'!  Some of you might be thinking, "Another blog post this month?" Yessir, I've got another one, and yes, it's another rambler. 

See I was pondering last night while watching The Universe: Beyond the Big Bang on my DVR and much like last week, I had something of an epiphany.  I started this blog with the intent of publishing entries about the gotchas, snake pits and falling rocks of a WDF newbie writing a WDF hybrid sample driver for the Windows Driver Kit.  

I guess I had expected there to be a few more of these along the way, and thankfully, or sadly depending on how you look at it, I really didn't find that many which were not my own fault (curse you and your fuzzy green code, commenting!).  So in something of a pre-post mortem, I wanted to determine why that might be; Some of it is down to the driver not exploring the really dark recesses of the Frameworks space as yet, and some of it is down to the Frameworks being really easy to use in the context I was using them in.

In the end, I kind of feel bad that to this point that my blog wasn't filled more with entries detailing those little bumps and bruises we all experience while programming something beyond "Hello World".  But in a weird way, it also makes me happy there wasn't more I had to write.   And as some of you have determined by now, yes, I am crazy in that manner.  So let's think of this little blog as something of a Voyager (or V'ger if you're so inclined.  Sorry, is my geek showing through these glasses?).

So going forward, I'll be taking those questions you all toss at me and sharing the answers with the group, and sharing those tidbits of deeper WDF exploration as we all dive further in to what the WDF really is capable of providing.  There will be no shortage of driver "stuff" for me to blog on going forward, that's for sure. 

Maybe we can also pool our resources and send Bob some real out there issues to debug, or pester Doron with more "why did you do this like this" questions.  Because as soon as NHL '08 is released, I'm sure you'll not hear from me for a week or two. :)


UPDATE:  I'd like to say a "So long and thanks for all the Bulk, Isoch and Interrupt" as the computing world lost a great engineer recently, Brad Hosler

For those of of you who don't know, Brad was a driving force in the creation of USB 1.0, the original USB Logo Compliance program, as well as a founding father of USB 2.0 and Wireless USB.  He was also a part of the team that defined PCI and served as Chair of the PCI-SIG Serial Working Group.  He was very much a key figure in enabling such rapid and stable adoption of USB across the industry and his talks at USB events were always fun. :)