New Episode of The .NET Show: Longhorn Fundamentals

Just a little bit late, but we've just posted a new episode of “The .NET Show”.

In this episode, we close out the coverage of the “Pillars Of Longhorn” by covering the “Fundamentals”. As a specific topic, this might be a little on the vague side, but that doesn't in any way decrease the importance of dealing with application and system fundamentals as part of our overall Longhorn Objectives.

It might be easy to list off and identify core technologies such as Avalon for Graphics, WinFS for Data Storage, and Indigo for Communications, but the fourth pillar of "Longhorn" is a little more elusive then that. Longhorn "Fundamentals" is an important part of what we feel is part of the core experience of Longhorn. It includes User Experience, System Security, Application Deployment, System Manageability, as well as many other features and capabilities.

We start out with Sanjay Shenoy and Glenn Pittaway covering some of the core architectural concepts associated with several of the Fundamentals of Longhorn. Later, Jeffrey Snover and Jim Truher provide an exciting demo of "Monad" (aka. MSH), a new and highly programmable command shell that will be available in Longhorn.

I for one, and quite interested in the features and capabilities that Monad/MSH represents. Just because graphical interfaces are “cool”, doesn't mean that there is significant value and functionality that can be provided through more of a command oriented interface. Hopefully you'll find this special demonstration to spark your interests as well.