Guess who just joined EFT!!!

I am glad to announce that David Trowbridge has joined EFT fulltime as a Senior PM Lead. Until recently, David was an architect for the Patterns and Practices group at Microsoft. This is exciting because we've already been working with David, for a while now, to develop our Architecture tooling strategy. I look forward to working even closer with him in the following months/years. 

The following are David's own words, from an internal email, about his background and his joining EFT:

"I am extremely excited to be joining EFT. I am convinced there is a great deal of value to be created by converging tools, platform, guidance and process. And if you want to have impact in this area, for customers and the company, I believe that EFT is the place to be. As for my background, for the last four years I was an Architect with Microsoft’s patterns and practices group. During this time I was one of the key driving forces behind Microsoft’s pattern initiative, engaged and recruited industry luminaries in to the group, incubated agile development, incubated baseline architectures and delivered multiple projects. Prior to joining Microsoft, I worked for a systems integrator designing and delivering numerous enterprise transactional systems. I also developed commercial shrink wrapped software products and custom integration solutions. I look forward to getting to know, and working with, everyone on the team."