Web Services Edge Conference - Our participation...


I just talked to Thom Robbins  who's arranging our participation in the event and I now have a rough idea of things are going to work out.


The Distributed System Designers (and modeling tools) are going to kick off the tutorial on the 16th of Feb at 8:00 AM in the morning. Our going first is part of the rough theme of the tutorial which is Analyze - Plan - Design - Build - Deploy. Therefore, while I understand why we're going first...it ain't gonna be fun for us guys from Redmond, WA to give a presentation at 5:00 AM (Pacific Time)...I just hope that we have a great turn out and that the audience participation is awesome! Keep in mind that this plan is tentative, and that there are several kinks that we still have to work out. ( http://www.sys-con.com/story/?storyid=47512 )

FYI: As this event is free (if you pre-register), we expect seats to go fast. Therefore, if you're interested, I recommend registering as soon as possible. - To register: http://www.sys-con.com/edge2005east/registernew.cfm.


We're also going to have Hands-on-labs (HOLs) on the Distributed System Designers that users can complete in 1/2 hour as a part of the conference. Thom's working on a plan to try to give out FREE copies of Visual Studio 2003 to those who participate. This is a pretty sweet deal... I might just participate for a copy of my own. :) I'm also trying to arrange for some copies of the Software Factories books to give out to those who write the top 3-5 HOL feedback we get. I just can't promise anything just yet...

Expo Floor

We plan on having a booth with at least one machine with Visual Studio Team System running. Therefore, if you can't get a hold of us in the Tutorial, HOL or at the Ask the Expert's booth this is a great place to look for answers about Team System.

FYI: Again this is free (if you pre-register), so if you're in the Boston area I highly recommend that you drop by and give us a visit. To register: http://www.sys-con.com/edge2005east/registernew.cfm .

Ask the Experts

Bill Gibson, John Stallo, and I plan on also being in the expert booth to answer questions about the Distributed System Designer and the Class Designers (John's domain).

Well that's it for now... we hope to see you at this conference. Let us know if you're coming and what you hope to see at the conference...