Team Foundation Server SP1 Beta and SQL Server 2008 RC0

Some Customers are trying to using Team Foundation Server SP1 Beta over the newly released SQL Server 2008 RC0 using the Method I have outlined in my previous post and they are facing the following error in TFS Pre-Install Checks

The selected instance of SQL Server is not compatible with Team Foundation Server 2008.


This is by design, SP1 beta is not compatible with RC0, SQL 2008 RC0 and RTM will be supported by the final release of SP1. During SP1 beta development we were aware of changes that SQL Team is working on for RC0 but because these changes were not yet ready for us to Test we had to add this check that block on any SQL 2008 version other than CTP6.

The final release of SP1 will come with support for SQL Server 2008 RTM