Graph API updates: api-version=1.6 and a new Graph client library

Api-version 1.6

The Azure AD Graph team is very pleased to announce the availability of the next version of Azure AD Graph REST API, api-version=1.6. There are no major changes from 1.5 to 1.6.

So you might ask why we’ve revved the version here.  In March of this year, we made some changes to the 1.5 API, believing that these were non-breaking changes.  However, due to an issue with a Graph client library dependency, this service side change caused a breaking change in the Graph client library (versions 2.0.5 and earlier).  We were forced to roll back the service side change, and pause any API changes on the service side.  More details can be found in this stack overflow question.

Since March, we’ve:

  1. introduced more validation testing gates before releasing new client libraries and
  2. introduced a fix in Graph client library version 2.0.8 that allows updates to the Graph REST API without breaking the client (by ignoring any unknown collections)

Now we’re releasing a new API version – api-version=1.6 – that will allow our team to release additional directory functionality and capabilities through the Graph REST API, without breaking any existing clients (2.0.6 and earlier).  As usual, you can try it out through Graph Explorer.

We will document the version changes through our regular MSDN documentation channels in our versioning document, as well as within our interactive reference documentation.

A new Azure AD graph client library

As part of this update, we’ll also be releasing graph client library version 2.1.0.  Versions 2.1.x will be tied to REST API version 1.6 (while graph client library 2.0.x will be
tied to REST API version 1.5).

We’ll be updating the graph client library on a regular basis to make new functionality (and bug fixes) available to developers who prefer to use a client library vs pure REST API calls.

You can find the latest .Net (portable) client library on here.


We’re always interested to hear what you think, so please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions for the Graph API or client library.