LUA Buglight 2.0 - preview

Attached to this blog post is a PREVIEW VERSION of LUA Buglight 2.0.  LUA Buglight is a utility that helps identify "LUA bugs" in desktop applications -- the bugs that appear when the application is run as a standard user instead of as an administrator.

Some of the improvements in LUA Buglight 2.0 over its predecessor:

  • Much better Vista support
  • Streamlined UI and improved flow
  • Identifies more bugs
  • On XP, not restricted to using a local account to create the admin context
  • On Vista, prompts for elevation just one time per session instead of for each test
  • User options saved to the registry

There are more improvements and refinements that I want to make, but I think you'll find it is quite usable now.  And I promised some audiences here at Tech*Ed that I would post a preview version here prior to my Friday morning session introducing LUA Buglight 2.0. :-)

Note that I haven't written up new documentation yet, and that these binaries have not been signed yet.

Update, June 14:   Yes - meant to mention - LUA Buglight is designed only for x86.  I'll add a processor check on startup.

Update, November 6: Removing the attachment, because the Second Preview version is now available here.