LUA Buglight and drive mappings: Action Required

LUA Buglight creates an alternate security context representing the current non-admin user but with admin/elevated privileges.  Because that context is created in a separate logon session, none of the network connections, drive mappings or SUBST assignments of the original context are present.  LUA Buglight tries to copy as many of those to the alternate context as possible.  In the current version, the only ones that are not copied are those in which alternate credentials were used -- e.g., you're logged in as USER1, but connecting to network drive P: as USER2.  Copying those connections would require prompting the user for passwords, etc. -- extra work that did not make the cut for version 1.  All the mappings, etc., are displayed on the LUA Buglight "Credentials" tab, with the ones to be copied in the upper text box and the ones not to be copied listed in the lower text box for informational purposes.

Some users have reported cases where drives are listed in the "won't be copied" text box, showing "alternate credentials" with the same username as the logged-on user.  I never saw that issue in my own testing, and haven't been able to reproduce what these users have reported.

If you have run into this issue and are willing to test a new build that tries to address the problem, please contact me via this blog's email link.