My Ian MacKaye / Dischord Records interview on

A long time ago, before the introduction of the IBM Personal Computer, I was a DJ at the University of Virginia's college radio station, WTJU-FM.  Also around that time, Dischord Records in Washington, DC, released their first record, an 8-song 7" EP by the DC hardcore punk band, The Teen Idles .  Being an ardent fan of the DC alternative music scene, I eagerly played tracks from that EP on my show as soon as I could.  By doing so, I was probably the first person on the planet to play Dischord Records on the radio anywhere.  Dischord has gone on to become a successful and fiercely independent record label.

Next Tuesday, April 8, 2014, WTJU will air an interview I recently recorded with Ian MacKaye , co-founder and co-owner of Dischord Records, and member of such prominent Dischord bands as The Teen Idles, Minor Threat , Fugazi and The Evens .  We'll talk about the history of Dischord and play some great tracks.

The show airs from 4:00pm to 6:00pm 7:00pm US Eastern time.  Tune in on WTJU's web stream, or at 91.1 FM if you're in central Virginia.  The show will also be available in the WTJU Tape Vault for two weeks after it first airs.
[Update: it will air from 4:00pm to 7:00pm US Eastern. We'll play the pre-recorded interview and also be able to play callers' requests.]

It's part of the annual WTJU Rock Marathon fundraiser.  Support one of the few remaining independent, playlist-free college radio stations that still gives its announcers maximum freedom to play music you won't hear anyplace else.  Hey, one of the premiums for this show is the 20 Years of Dischord box set, autographed by Ian!

(Many thanks to Chris Lewis and to WAMU-FM in Washington, DC, for use of their stellar facilities and for very generous assistance.)

Update 19-Aug-2014: WAMU has made the interview available online with a terrific write-up by Ally Schweitzer.