Unintended Consequences and Sysinternals at Tech-Ed Available Online

The two sessions I presented last week at Tech-Ed North America 2011 are now available for on-demand online viewing:

Unintended Consequences of Security Lockdowns (which got an unexpected and appreciated plug from Raymond Chen) is here:

Sysinternals Primer: Autoruns, Disk2Vhd, ProcDump, BgInfo and AccessChk is here:

I am pleased to say that both sessions received high marks from attendees. Both were in the top 10%, and the Sysinternals session was in the top 3% and just missed being in the top 10 (out of 454 breakout sessions). I really appreciated the many compliments that people wrote in the comments section of the evaluations, but my favorite was this one: “Mark you need to let Andy's name be the same size as yours on the book cover.” (Yes. “Andy’s”. Nobody ever gets Mark Russinovich’s name wrong. I’ve obviously got a long ways to go before I’m as famous as he is.)

Speaking of Mark, he presented another excellent Case of the Unexplained featuring all new material which you can view here. I particularly liked the part at about 1:11:40 when in reference to the Sysinternals Administrators Reference he said, “This book really exceeded my expectations in terms of the quality of the material that we got, largely because of Aaron’s dedication to it.” Pretty good week. :)