Texts with my wife

This is probably the only place where I can post these and get some level of appreciation.  While I was at TechReady in July, I sent texts to my wife who sent back some witty replies.  I must note that while she might come off quite dim, it's all meant in jest.

A: Ok, I'll be fresh out of a session on Opalis. :)

D: I didn't realize this was a gem show!  Do they have rubies?  I much prefer those over opals.


D: R u lrng about sapphires today?

A: Not today - office volume activation right now - woot!

D: I cld teach this one.  The more volume in a room the more active it is.  Noise volume that is.


A: I need to go learn about SQL Replication

D: I thought squirrels replicated themselves quite well-a lot like bunnies. I think you should be learning about computer thinga ma bobs and not squirrels. First it is gems and now rodents-something is amiss.


D: Hope u r having a good day-no squirrel duplications today?

A: Not today. Highlight so far was vNext migration lab with wally always a fun time. User data virtualization was insightful too. DCM right now.

D: I hope it is a good concert. Dcm is not as well know as their brother band dmb!


A: Just one more session on driver deployment, then i'm done!

D: Alright now i really know this is not a business trip. Driver deployment sounds like a handy name for a golf game or what the dmv shld call their lisc dept.