VSTS International Survey

Aldo Donetti, the International Program Manager for VSTS, has set up a survey for international (I guess that means non-US!) users to provide feedback on VSTS / TFS.  Here are the links he provided - please follow the appropriate link and take the survey if you have some time!

To check what the VSTS/TFS International users think about the quality of our product and to collect their suggestions for improvement, I have setup an International survey in several languages. It 90% matches the English one running on the MSDN site. This one has a few more questions on distributed and multilingual scenarios.


It will be running for the whole month of April.

Below are the links  to the localized ones :

Japanese = http://c2.microsoft.fr/surveyIntlVSTS/?elng=1041

Simplified Chinese = http://c2.microsoft.fr/surveyIntlVSTS/?elng=2052

Traditional Chinese = http://c2.microsoft.fr/surveyIntlVSTS/?elng=1028

Korean = http://c2.microsoft.fr/surveyIntlVSTS/?elng=1042

German = http://c2.microsoft.fr/surveyIntlVSTS/?elng=1031

French = http://c2.microsoft.fr/surveyIntlVSTS/?elng=1036

Spanish = http://c2.microsoft.fr/surveyIntlVSTS/?elng=1034

Italian = http://c2.microsoft.fr/surveyIntlVSTS/?elng=1040

And these are in English but specific for some countries :

Middle East (in English) = http://c2.microsoft.fr/surveyIntlVSTS/?elng=1033

Brazil (in English) = http://c2.microsoft.fr/surveyIntlVSTS/?elng=2057&src=Bra

India (in English) = http://c2.microsoft.fr/surveyIntlVSTS/?elng=2057&src=India

Malaysia (in English) = http://c2.microsoft.fr/surveyIntlVSTS/?elng=2057&src=Malaysia

Indonesia (in English) = http://c2.microsoft.fr/surveyIntlVSTS/?elng=2057&src=Indonesia

General English one (for any other country) = http://c2.microsoft.fr/surveyIntlVSTS/?elng=2057

To my five Swedish readers (any Hallbergs among you, by the way?), I apologize for the lack of a Swedish version of the survey.  I'd translate it myself, but I unfortunately have no knowledge of my mother (father, actually) tongue.

Thanks for taking the time - your feedback is very important to us as we plan for future releases!