Enter VSX

A new acronym that you'll see myself and others using more of now is VSX, which stands for Visual Studio eXtensibility (and sure is a lot easier to say in conversation!). There's even a new URL you can use for accessing the VSX developer center: http://www.msdn.com/vsx

A few weeks back, Ken Levy joined our team and will be organizing events and activities around the Visual Studio extensibility (VSX) community. Be sure to add his blog to your RSS reader!

One of the first things Ken has done is set up a team blog for us folks who work to make the prospect of extending Visual Studio easier and easier. There's already a few videos up there including a clip of our Program Manager, Valery and Test Lead, Deep, as they were uploading the Orcas Beta 1 SDK to www.vsipmembers.com yesterday afternoon.

Since Ken is new to the team, he hasn't met Dr. eX yet. (I've only seen him once...and even that memory is a little foggy now.) He's apparently going to attempt to track down Dr. eX for an interview. Good Luck, Ken!