IronPython for ASP.NET

Mahesh from the IronPython team has just announced the release of IronPython for ASP.NET (CTP).

I had the opportunity to see the team give a dry run of their presentation for TechEd Europe this morning along with some demos of the CTP. What they showed was nothing short of spectacular! With this release, you can create web sites in Visual Studio (or Visual Web Developer Express) which give you not only the dynamic language features of Python, but the power of the classes in the .NET Framework and ASP.NET as well.

[Just a side note to clear up any potential confusion...this release shares some source code with the IronPythonIntegration sample that ships in the Visual Studio 2005 SDK, but they are not the same product.]

A hearty congratulations to the ASP.NET and IronPython teams!