Visual Studio 2005 SDK - February 2006 CTP is now available!

We just posted the February 2006 CTP of the Visual Studio 2005 SDK to the web. From the description: "The February CTP
is the next milestone in the drive towards the April 2006 v2 release. This CTP
contains updated VS Integration samples and documentation content, including
updates to the IronPython end--to-end integration sample. Brand new features of the
SDK include the Domain Specific Languages extensibility kit and the Visual
Studio Tools for Applications runtime and extensibility kit."

There are a couple highlights that I want to point out in this CTP release:

  • IronPython Integration
    • One master solution file you can build
    • Improved project system
    • Improved language service
    • Improved command window
  • C++ SingleViewEditor (RTF editor) Reference Sample
    • Refactored BscEdt sample from VSIP SDK
    • Much functionality moved up to base classes in VSL
    • Sample is working and mostly complete. There are a few rough edges that we'll be cleaning up before the final release though.
  • Improved help content
  • Multiple bug fixes for various issues including a problem with the targets file.

Download Visual Studio 2005 SDK - February 2006 CTP (Registration on required)