Visual Studio 2005 SDK - June 2006 CTP Available

Download the Visual Studio 2005 SDK – June 2006 CTP (Free Registration required)

Some of the new highlights of this release:

  • IronPython Web Site and Web Application Projects
    • Because IronPython does not support ASP.NET, there is not much that can be done with this functionality. However, if you are a language vendor wishing to add support for ASP.NET Web projects to your language, this sample should demonstrate how you can hook into Visual Studio. The sample demonstrates both Web Site style (built-in to VS 2005) and Web Application style projects.
    • As part of this work, the MPF Project base classes now support sub-typing for derived project systems. Sub-typing is how Web Application Projects, Devices, Database, etc… work. The VB and C# (and now IronPython and other MPF-based) project systems allow for being sub-typed for a specific purpose.
  • Latest version of the DSL Toolkit (DSL site has more detail)
  • SDK Integration Sample
    • Do you have a technology with a SDK that you produce? Have you ever wondered how to provide a better Visual Studio experience for users of your SDK? Then this sample is just for you! Examples are shown for both native (C++) and managed (C#) technologies.
  • New Powertoy – Event Toaster (Optional at install)
  • VSL: IVsHierarchyImpl – VSL implementation of the IVSHierarchy interface which can be derived from to create project systems and other hierarchies in C++