VSSDK Assist

If you managed to make it to TechEd 2007, hopefully you were able to check out our chalk talk on adding custom tools to Visual Studio. One of the things I showed towards the end is a project called VSSDK Assist.

VSSDK Assist is a project on CodePlex that uses the Guidance Automation Toolkit (GAT) to make VSX development (in C#) as simple and automated as possible. Imagine the integration package wizard on steroids.

Ever had troubles figuring out which registration attributes you need for a given feature (like an Options page)? Ever had trouble correctly embedding and registering a package load key (PLK)? What about adding a splash screen icon? This tool has wizards to help with all those scenarios and many more.

The project was created and is being worked on by Pablo Galiano from Clarius Consulting.

I would highly recommend checking out the tool if you haven't already. Pablo's done some really great work here!