Another 2 SharePoint exams passed today!

I decided to bite the bullet and finally complete the last two of the SharePoint 2007 exams, 70-541 and 70-542. I am now eligible to apply for the Microsoft Certified Master program in SharePoint (MCM)  :-)

I did a few hours study, reviewed the training requirements and did a few practice exams.

Given that this is the product that I specialise in and pretty much spend all of my days working with I didn't find the exams too difficult.

My weakest result was with the Business Data Catalog as I don't use it that often and haven't done so for a while.

Anyway here are are my marks:

70-541 – WSS App dev – 857. Pass mark of 700

70-542 – MOSS App dev – 820. Pass mark of 700

I am pretty pleased and now to get onto the Masters program.