TFS prank: Scare your developer with a bug created by the CEO

Raymond Chen in one of his posts jokingly wished that if he could use an alter-ego to update bugs in the bug-repository it'd be great. Actually there is a neat feature in Team Foundation Server's Work-Item tracking (WIT) client using which you can do just that. See the screen shot below. Looks like Mr.Ceo made some changes to the bug.

The feature is that the history tab where you enter comments support rich text. So I copied a bit of the history text, pasted it and then changed the text. So this exactly looks and feels (the + buttons are expandable as well) like another history item. Next time the dev checks the bug, he'd not be very happy about it.

I'll let you into another secret. I did make a change like this in an actual bug. A reward awaits for the dev/test in our tem who finds it......