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S285_sas100K_TPTK40K_vert (4) Business Analytics has entered a new and exciting phase as more and more companies realize what the benefits of applying business analytics can be for their organizations. A big challenge that comes with this evolution is the availability of skilled people. So we really have to foster education and that is why SAS is absolutely committed to helping out through the following initiatives:

The Summer of SAS

To meet the high market demand for knowledge and expertise of analytics, SAS Belgium & Luxembourg introduced The Summer of SAS in 2007 for young graduates from colleges and universities who would like to get a job as a SAS consultant or professional. SAS encourages students to apply for a – paid – holiday job at SAS, consisting of an intensive one-month SAS training program in July/August every year.

At the end of the training, students go through a certification test and a case study. Qualified graduates then go and work for SAS alliance members or customers. In the past, 93% of the students passed the certification exam and more than 80% of the students found a job within 3 months after the training.

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Even if you already signed an employment contract, you can talk to your employer to see if you can join the one-month training program for employed graduates called “SAS Master Class".

This year, courses start on the 23 July for Analytics, Business Intelligence and Data Integration.

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SAS Global Certification Program

The SAS Global Certification program was created to recognize SAS software users who can demonstrate an in-depth understanding of SAS software.

SAS' goals for the program include:

· establishing a universal standard for measuring SAS software knowledge

· developing an internationally recognized certification program

· increasing the level of SAS software knowledge in the marketplace.

SAS offers six globally recognized certifications and certification events can also be organized on request of your university or college.

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Learning materials are available in the Online Knowledge Database.

Guest Colleges

Universities and colleges often invite us to give a guest-lecture about how our business analytics solutions are used in a professional environment. A real-life case will be explained by one of our experts from a business or technology angle, depending on your curriculum.

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