Developers Unite: New Windows Phone is ready for you

WM Put People FirstEarlier this week we’ve published a major release of Windows Phone. It’s an important update that offers hundreds of new features to the phone, marketplace and for developers that target the platform. Here is the official blog post on the WindowsPhone team Blog. We target to update 98% of phone customers worldwide within the next four weeks.

Many students will get the invite soon for the Windows Phone tour that might be passing by in your school too.

What’s hot for Student developers? First, we’ve simplified payout and taxes administration by eliminating the need to provide an ITIN on your W-8 to take advantage of a reduced withholding rate. A blog post will follow with the new simplified procedure and we will organize a webcast for your Q&A in November.. Stay tune #wp7be or #wp7dev or follow David Hernie who's our Phone Champ.

Then, Microsoft Advertising solution for Windows Phone is now available in Belgium. It means MORE Windows Phone developers can make MORE money from in-app advertising and get paid locally. Want to know how to do it – Follow our WP7 technical training: Oct 25-26 in French at the MIC Mons or Nov 9- 10 in English at the MIC BrusselsCheck here for all WP7 technical training organized in Belgium

Things to do as a WP developer

Last point, save the date(s)

Oct 25- 26 (FR version) Nov 9-10 (EN version)- We organize 2 deep development technical trainings- No marketing blala - 2 days to learn how to develop, publish and promote your Windows Phone 7 Apps. We will lend you phones to test your development, help you to promote your app, understand concept of the Live tiles – Cloud integration or how to use the Advertising SDK and get more revenue. It’s free – all details are here : WP7 technical training organized in Belgium

Already save the date for Nov 3th  – We “The UX tour” landing in Belgium: all you want to know about Design, HTML5, Web & Phone with international speakers and latest technology trends .. Stay tune, we arrive with all info.