Event invitation: A Journey to the Cloud (September 27)

"Cloud" is a term that means many things to many people, but when viewed as an approach to computing that leverages the pooling of on-demand computation power delivered as a service, cloud computing really describes a new model for IT. Furthermore it also describes an approach to this computing approach that is underway in thousands of data centers around the world.

Have you heard about IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, Private- and Public cloud? Do you know what it means and how this technology can help you? As with any journey, many different challenges are ahead. Join us to a journey to the cloud where you will learn more about Windows Azure, BPOS ( = Business Productivity Online Services) and Private Cloud computing.

After this event you will have a clear view and necessary understanding on the cloud terminology allowing you to have a safe journey.

Have a look at the agenda.