Event invitation: PDC10 - Watch the keynote of Steve Ballmer and Bob Muglia (October 28: 18:00-20:00)

This year’s groundbreaking PDC (Professional Developer Conference) event will include live streaming of the keynotes, as well as concurrent live streaming of sessions. If you can’t join the live stream, you can still watch the video on-demand, or download all the content within 24 hours of live recording. The online event is free; no registration is required to join the live or on-demand stream.

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Sessions are highly technical, and targeted to the advanced developer. We’ve stripped away the marketing message and left behind only the deep, technical content that you expect from the PDC. This year’s announcements will focus on using Microsoft's developer frameworks and tools to connect your desktops and devices to the next-generation of cloud services.

Since 1991, the PDC has been the epicenter of Microsoft's biggest platform announcements. This year will be no exception. Leading-edge developers and architects gather in Redmond to hear firsthand from Microsoft's leaders about the next generation of Microsoft developer technologies.