More chances to win in “The Imagine Cup 2012” : new categories announced ! Windows Metro Style App–with first quiz on Jan 31 & Kinect Fun Labs


image Are you all about Apps and do gadgets interest interest you ? Do not wait to register then for one of the new Imagine Cup competitions : Windows Metro Style App  Challenge and Kinect Fun Lab Challenge. There are 7 team competitions, 7 ways to show how technology can change the world. Get involved, stand out and raise your skills !   Sign up now for the Imagine Cup. It is an amazing experience!

What makes it so exciting ?

· You work on a topic that interest you the most – though related to “millennium development goals” ( eradicate poverty and hunger, education for all, sustainability, improve maternal health, reduce child mortality, ..)

· You will use all various skillsets : project management, technical development and communication skills

· You discover in-depth the technology and will be encouraged to go the extra mile, via e-learning and or coaching

· You will be able to network with peers ( participating students and academic coaches)

· Big prices : the best Belgian teams in each category will be able to join the international contest in Sydney from July 6-10. Travel and participation costs will be completely covered for you. On top of that, the best international team (being the winners of each category) can win a prize ranging from 3.000USD up to 25.000USD!


How can you participate ?

There are different categories, with focus on different technologies. You will certainly find the category that fits best your core skills/interest.

Have a look at the different categories, presented in a nutshell.


You can still register, but act now : select carefully your category and topic to work !


Short description


DEADLINE for registration and 1st round

Software design

In this ultimate category, participants will develop innovative, dynamic and powerful software applications. It is the ideal competition to demonstrate your ideas and technical ingenuity.


March 13, 2012

Windows Phone Challenge

Develop a Phone App (Imagine Cup theme). Ensure it is a practical application with a strong content and an appealing look and feel.


March 13, 2012

Azure challenge

Use the Azure Cloud computing platform in an innovative way to develop a powerful web application that answers one of the challenges of the millennium targets.


March 13, 2012

Game design: Xbox/Windows

Create a “fun game” that illustrates the Imagine Cup themes. Above all, the game should be fun to play and illustrate how technology can impact positively the world in which we live.


February 14, 2012

Game design phone competition

Develop a creative and technically unique phone game in line with the Imagine Cup themes. Do not forget a high fun factor !


February 14, 2012

NEW : Windows Metro Style App Challenge

Be at the forefront of creating applications for the new Windows 8 platform. Design and buiold a metro-style app (in line with Imagine Cup Theme) that takes advantage of the Windows 8 features and design principles.

info Round 1 : first quizz on January 31!
NEW : Kinect Fun Lab Challenge   Think about entertainment with a social conscience and bring the Imagine Cup into the living room


March 6, 2012

For all categories, except Software design, the will be a first and second round, managed completely by Corp. Please read carefully through the info on each category to find out:

-  the different milestones

- The selection criteria (and their importance in judging process)

Get additional inspiration from last year winners :

Should you have any further question, feel free to contact the Academic Program Manager or post your question on Facebook group :!/MicrosoftAcademicBelux

Good luck.. and hope to see you and your teammates in Sydney !