Relive #S2B2012

Last week tons of technical students gathered once again at the Imagibraine Kinepolis complex of Braine l’Alleud. What’s better than watching movies at a Kinepolis complex? First-hand technical insights on Microsoft’s newest technologies off course! That’s what all these talented youngsters came for.

The event was quickly sold out, promising a huge amount of enthusiastic students and empty fridges at the end of the day. Thanks to the competent help of our very own Microsoft Student Partners we were able to successfully manage the flow of students at the Kinepolis complex. A big thank you to all who helped!

Joe Wilson, Microsoft’s Western-Europe development platform and evangelist lead, had the honor of delivering the key note. An inspiring presentation on the importance of young IT talent and entrepreneurship was the result. Finishing off with a view on the near future of Microsoft technology. Joe certainly brought enthusiasm and inspiration to the room in his typical style.

After this moment of inspiration it was time for more technical sessions by Rob Miles on mobile development and XNA gaming, followed by a view on the Windows 8 metro platform by Gill Cleeren. Some pretty exclusive insights, we can’t even share this last session online until the consumer preview of Windows 8 gets released!

After all this great content people were getting hungry, the doors were opened and sandwiches waited. After only 20 minutes all sandwiches were gone, the way only students can eat :). All partner booths were open to students for networking or playing games. Phones were won at the Nokia booth, but most of all phones were smoked by the new Lumia 800 Windows Phone. Networking and games, the perfect combination for a satisfuing lunch break.

With a full stomach, everyone was ready for another afternoon of technology sessions. Maarten Balliauw talked about the cloud and Windows Azure to be precise. Sided by his friend from Greece, Panagiotis kefalidis, they made it quite a show to watch. Jokes going back and forth, but most of all a great session on Windows Azure!

These two lovebirds were followed by Alex Turner, giving a session on the possibilities of C# and Visual Basic Features. At the end of this great day we had the equally great Kevin De Ruddere, talking about HTML5

All content of this great day can be found on our YouTube channel or Slideshare profile.

Also have a look at our Academic Facebook page or search #S2B2012 on Twitter for content or conversations on Students to Business Day 2012!

We want to thank all our partners and visitors who helped make this great day of technology possible. We hope everyone found it inspiring and had some great possibilities for networking with possible future employers and Microsoft people. We're looking forward to welcoming you again next year!