Technology update - Windows Phone 7: great opportunity for developers!

It did not take a lot of time for me to decide which topic we would dedicate our first blog article to. Without any doubt, the new Windows Phone 7 platform offers great opportunities for developers. Developers all around the world can now start to build applications and games using familiar tools like Visual Studio and technologies like Silverlight and XNA. Moreover they can sell these apps and games through the Marketplace for Mobile and make money! To help students get started, Microsoft is waiving the $99 registration fee and giving them the first 5 application submissions for free!



Click here for a first hands-on demo of the new Windows Phone 7 Series. Corporate Vice President of Windows Phone Program Management Joe Belfiore gives a demo of the new user experience, the integration with social networks like Facebook, Internet Explorer, photos, videos, and music, e-mail and texting, GPS and maps, search integration and hardware standards:



The Windows Phone Application Platform was revealed at MIX10. You can watch the recording ofJoe Belfiore’s keynote on Changing our Game – an Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Series.

A short summary is given in the MSDN Video: Windows Phone 7 in 7 Minutes: Introducing Windows Phone 7

For those of you interested in the gaming capabilities of the Windows Phone 7, check out 17 Xbox LIVE Games for Windows Phone in 90 seconds!


How to stay up-to-date?

  • The Windows Phone 7 Series homepage can be found here.
  • The homepage for Windows Phone development can be found here.
  • You can find the latest information on the official Windows Phone Developer Blog.

How to get started as a developer?

Where can I download the developer tools?

As a student or professor, you can download the following software for free (there is no reason to limit yourself to the Express editions):

  • Visual Studio 2010
    • Professional Edition (EN) through DreamSpark
    • Professional, Premium and Ultimate Editions (EN,FR) through MSDNAA
  • Expression Studio 4

After downloading and installing Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Studio 4, you need to download and install the Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta, which contains the Windows Phone SDK and Windows Phone Emulator.


Where can I find training material?

  • The Windows Phone Developer Training Kit contains the following hands-on labs:
    • Hello Windows Phone
    • Building your First Windows Phone 7 Application
    • Windows Phone Navigation and Controls
    • Using Push Notifications
    • Game Development with XNA Framework
    • Launchers and Choosers
    • Application Lifecycle
    • Changing Our Game – An Introduction To Windows Phone 7
  • T

    he Windows Phone 7 Jump Start further elaborates on the material of the Windows Phone Developer Training Kit. You can watch the course recordings by Rob Miles and Andy Wigley on Channel 9:

Session 1: IntroductionSession 2: Building a Silverlight Application, Part 1
Session 3: Building a Silverlight Application, Part 2

Session 4: Building Games for the Windows Phone 7 PlatformSession 5: Building XNA Games for the Windows Phone 7 Platform, Part 1
Session 6: Building XNA Games for the Windows Phone 7 Platform, Part 2
Session 7: Advanced Application Development, Part 1
Session 8: Advanced Application Development, Part 2
Session 9: Advanced Application Development, Part 3
Session 10: Marketing Your Windows Phone 7 Application
Session 11: Working with Media
Session 12: Final Silverlight Topics and Wrap-Up

  • A great resource is the free ebook by Charles Petzold: Programming Windows Phone 7. Download the PDF here. Download the XPS here. And download the sample code here.


  • You can watch the recordings of the Windows Phone Design Days:

Ana and Miles, the Windows Phone personas
The Metro Design Language, the inspiration
Deconstructing a Windows Phone application part 1: Controls
Deconstructing a Windows Phone application part2: Animation
Deconstructing a Windows Phone application, part 3: Target Sizes
Deconstructing a Windows Phone application, part 4: Globalization
Deconstructing a Windows Phone application, part 6: Perceived performance
Designer insights into Panorama and Pivot
Making Audio Sing on Windows Phone
Windows Phone Voice
Designer Resources: Expression Blend Overview and Roadmap
Designer Resources: Windows Phone Documentation
Designer Resources: Windows Phone Design Templates



The Microsoft Innovation Center in Mons organizes a contest: create an application or a game for Windows Phone 7 and you can win a cash prize of 5K €, a Windows Phone Device or Xbox 360S with Kinect. Click here for more info. Registration deadline September 30

The Game Design competition of Imagine Cup 2011 contains a track for Mobile. Create a team of up to 4 students, build a game that addresses a social cause connected to the 2011 theme (“Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems”), and maybe you can present your game at the worldwide finals in New York. Check out the Imagine Cup website for more information.


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