This summer…be on the front page. Make money. Leverage your skills.

Windows 8

It's summertime! Time for all of us to throw ourselves into something new, fun and rewarding.

With Windows 8 around the corner, now is the time to start building apps!
Will your app be the next big thing? Grasp that first-mover advantage and make sure your app is in the Windows Store by the time Windows 8 hits the market.
We're here to help you get your app ready with a bunch of support tools ranging from online training to App-a-thons, App Clinics and App Excellence Labs.

Follow the 4 steps to getting your app published and start building!

Build your app now!  Four simple steps to your app in Windows Store:

Four simple steps

Summer App-a-thons

We have 2 App-a-thons planned this summer: join us in Blankenberge (12 July) or Zaventem (8 August) and start building your Windows 8 Metro Style App! You can win fantastic prizes too: Xbox 360 + Kinect, Connections Gift Vouchers, ... Blankenberge



Use the summer to code, build, shine.

See you in the Store!