Turn your blog into a flashy WP7 App : a step by step guide

windows phone 7 Getting your blog posts to your audience, is not only a matter of posting useful content, it is also about creating the right exposure and providing easy access. Having a WP App for your blog is a must have! Via 1 single click, your readers can open your blog and retrieve info in a native phone environment. Building such an application is really easy – at least when your website/blog has RSS Feed -, and it is an excellent experience as your first phone App, as you will start using both the SDK/phone emulator and marketplace.

How to proceed ?

  1. Download the windows Phone 7 SDK) – you will need this to test your app in an emulator environment. The download, just like all other software on Dreamspark, is free of charge : https://www.dreamspark.com/Products/Product.aspx?ProductId=28
  2. Build your Windows Phone App online. There is no coding needed, only a couple of clicks. The development process will take maximal 15 minutes : of which the selection of the pictures and the title of your App are probably the most difficult part. http://www.followmyfeed.net
  3. Register as student on the WP7 Marketplace. http://create.msdn.com
  4. Submit you app to the certification process, your application will be available worldwide after a couple of days.
  5. Promote your application to your audience and don’t forget to tweet with the TAG #WP7be


If you want to dig deeper, and continue to develop more advanced Apps, we would like to inspire you via :


Succes with your Phone App !