U-crew is there to help you, and now coming to your campus.

Ucrew groupUcrew branding Young people in college are facing a lot of challenges. Papers have to look professional to score, presentations should be fancy enough to appeal to the audience, group work must be cool and fun to engage everyone at any time and any place.. But how to get there ?

Microsoft enables this young generation to use the latest technology in a very efficient and effective way. We have succesfully  launched last week the U-crew program. It is a group of very enthusiast students – reaching out to your campus – to run sessions on the topics above. And we got started well : with more then 40 members from more 20 different academic institutions, spread over the whole country, with more then 100 likers on Facebook in 1 week.. and we continue to grow !

One of the  U-crew members managed to set up his first session next Saturday, November 5th. Well done ! Are you interested too ? Join then now the Facebook pages on www.U-Crew.be and stay tuned about the next upcoming sessions in your neighborhoud – or find out more on U-crew membership at http://docs.com/FCU3.

At Microsoft, we not only value students that reach out to a large audience on common subject matters, we also valorise the ones that want to share their technical expertise in standard or brand new development tools (for e.g. Windows Phone development, HTML5 web design, Cloud computing ,…) . Do you – as a student – have passion and drive for technology, and are you attending technical courses as part of your academic track, and do you also want to share your experiences with your peers and the development community, then you are welcome to join a U-Crew tech group – known as “Microsoft Student Partners” . Interested ? Visit the Corporate program on the Microsoft Student Partner Program and send as soon as possible your cv and motivation letter to your academic program manager : mailto:lieveg@microsoft.com.

Looking forward to welcome you in the U-crew too !