U-Crew Tech has arrived!

After a successful launch of the U-Crew, now it’s time for the U-Crew Tech to stand up. Formerly known as Microsoft Student Ambassadors or Microsoft Student Partner, these are the U-Crew members with a more technical background. They help you to better understand and make use of the more technical topics and Microsoft tools (for e.g. Windows Phone development, HTML5 web design, Cloud computing ,…) .

Join one of the workshops, presentations and trainings given by our U-Crew Tech members, completely free of charge and learn all there is to know on Microsoft technologies and how they can improve your life. Check out U-Crew-Tech.be for regular updates on new workshops, presentations and a lot more!

Are you a technical student and you like to help your peers in what they do? Check out U-Crew-Tech.be and become the newest U-Crew Tech member!