Updated speakers list for the Students to Business Day on Feb 16, 2012.

On February 16, Microsoft organizes the 4th edition of the Students-to-Business Day. It is a free event for all ICT students and lecturers. We have the pleasure to announce you here in preview this year’s speakers. The list will be completed with a general keynote and 1 additional presentation.

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What is new in this edition - top 3

  1. No fixed streams, you attend the session that interests you the most
  2. New facilities – Kinepolis Imagibraine in Braine-l’Alleud, which can be reached via public transport
  3. Group registrations to handle very efficiently class/faculty registrations. Individual registrations are still supported.


Students-to-Business Presentations


Windows Phone development and XNA gaming (Rob Miles)

Rob Miles is a lecturer and Microsoft MVP based at The University of Hull in the UK. He teaches Programming, Software Engineering and Embedded Development. He has been working with XNA since it was released and has been a big fan of Windows Phone 7 ever since he found out he could run his XNA and Silverlight programs on it. He will show you how you can get started yourself.


Windows Azure and the cloud: What it’s all about (Maarten Balliauw)

Join Maarten Balliauw, MVP Cloud computing, for an overview of Microsoft’s cloud operating system: Windows Azure. This session is built to make you discover cloud computing and Windows Azure and how this is different from traditional server applications. Discover Windows Azure: it is not a big monolithic block but it consists of several smaller apps like compute, storage, SQL Azure traffic manager, the Windows Azure CDN and the Access Control Service. During the session we will use ASP.NET MVC and Windows Azure to build a small application which is available globally.


Title to be announced (Gill Cleeren)

Gill Cleeren is Microsoft Regional Director, Silverlight MVP and the driving force behind VISUG, the biggest .NET user group in Belgium. He is passionate by .NET technology and keeps a close eye on the latest developments – which he will disclose during this presentation. Definitely, this is a session that you do not want to miss if you want to learn what the future of the Windows platform holds for developers.


C.S.I. IT (Dan Holme)

Who Killed IT? And What Comes Next?IT is dead. The intranet is close behind. Who is behind these dastardly deaths: SharePoint, the Cloud, the Mobile Device or the Business User? What comes next? And how will you survive? Industry analyst, consultant, author, and SharePoint MVP Dan Holme investigates the crime scene and unravels the clues in the death of IT. He identifies the next victim: the intranet. Join Dan for an analysis of the impact of diverse technologies, new patterns of work, evolving expectations and perspectives, and a revolution in workforce and workplace. Are you in IT? Do you recognize that the industry is morphing right before your eyes? Do you know what it will become? And, most importantly, do you know how to ensure that your enterprise—and you—can survive in the brave new world?


C# and Visual Basic Futures – Alex Turner

Come hear Alex Turner, Program Manager for the Visual Basic and C# Compilers, describe the language innovations for the next version of Microsoft Visual Studio. See how the async language feature and new Microsoft .NET Framework APIs will come together to simplify asynchronous programming. No more callbacks! This is a demo-focused session where we explore a variety of asynchronous programming scenarios directly in Visual Studio. Finally, we provide a peek into future plans beyond the next release.



Become a HTML5 Web developer – Kevin DeRudder

Prepare yourself and learn how you can create web applications that runs on each device. In this session you will learn how to create Web Applications by using the newest bits and bytes of HTML5 with a touch of CSS3. You will learn how to build forms, implement video, draw on the canvas and take your web application offline by using IndexedDB. To make it complete, Kevin will show some cool features in CSS3 to make your web app ready to deploy.

Kevin works for eGuidelines and is a lecturer at the Technical University of West Flanders (New Multimedia and Communication Technologies) where he teaches .NET development and Front End Web Development.

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