ACE Team at RSA '06!

Over the last several months, several members of our team have been working hard on version 2.0 of our Threat Modeling and Analysis application as well as an updated threat modeling methodology that is even easier to understand and execute and does not require security expertise to effectively utilize.

If you will be attending RSA 2006, make sure you attend the session: Understanding the Risk: Threat Modeling for the Enterprise which will be presented by Akshay Aggarwal, a colleague of mine that also works on the ACE Team. The session is on February 15, 4:50PM at the SJCC - Ballroom A4. For more information or to contact Akshay or our other team members at RSA ’06, email (remove the last ‘-‘ and everything after it). Our team will also have a presence at the Microsoft exhibition, feel free to drop by and meet Akshay or Talhah Mir, another of my colleagues at RSA ’06 who is leading our Threat modeling efforts.

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Microsoft – ACE Team