Disk Partition Alignment (Sector Alignment): Part I: Slide Deck

Disk partition alignment is a best practice. Now that SQL Server wait stats are formally documented & DMVs are available, disk partition alignment may be the best-kept secret related to SQL Server performance optimization.


In combination with stripe unit size & file allocation unit size, you can increase I/O throughput by 10%, 30%, or more. In the lab & in the field we commonly see performance enhancements of 30% - 40% by a variety of metrics.

Though Windows Server 2008 provides for out-of-the-box alignment for new partitions, disk partition alignment remains a relevant technology. Disk partition alignment will remain relevant until Windows Server 2003 is retired & existing partitions are re-built.  Read more...


Jimmy May , MCDBA, MCSE, MCITP: DBA + DB Dev
Senior Performance Consultant: SQL Server
ACE: Assessment Consulting & Engineering Services
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