Microsoft IT Solutions: Full Drive Encryption using BitLocker

One of the challenges that I have been focusing my team on this fiscal year has been creating new solutions that leverage the learning that Microsoft IT has had in deploying technology or solving problems. Microsoft IT generally has to deploy new technologies from Microsoft several months before they are generally available for general release in a process known as dogfooding. Often it needs to develop and deploy solutions multiple times as the product cycles through from betas to release candidates to the released version. Customers will find solutions that will leverage this deep expertise and experience useful in speeding up the architecture & deployments of their solutions.

In this series Microsoft IT Solutions, I will be detailing some of this innovation coming out of Microsoft’s InfoSec group. The first of the series is Full Drive Encryption using BitLocker®. I asked Richard Lewis, Security Architect on my team & the creator of this solution kit to describe the BitLocker FDE solution. Here is his description:

The InfoSec team recently created and delivered the BitLocker Service Kit for the Core I/O Service Line under the Security, Identity and Access Management (SIAM) portfolio. SIAM is a portfolio offering from Microsoft Services.  SIAM is divided into six offerings that address particular security IT capabilities – the BitLocker Service Kit was created under the Enterprise Data Security Optimization IT capability. Read more…

Akshay Aggarwal
Practice Manager (North America & Latam)