ADNUG VS2005 Install-Fest this Wednesday

Just a reminder; This just in from Peter Griffith:


The next meeting of  ADNUG will be held on WEDNESDAY 11 th August at 6pm

at    SA Innovation Centre , Level 2, Santos House, King William Street, Adelaide .

Visitors welcome. See below for Programme.   


ADNUG web site notice of meetings



The doors outside the lifts for 2nd floor are locked at 7pm.

Access through lane from King William Street, or lane from Topham St Mall

If you arrive after 7pm ring 0408 832891 or 0403 432393 and we will come down to the After Hours exit in Currie St and let you in.


Door Prize tonight


Tonight is Whidbey-Fest.  


As outlined in previous emails, there will be DVDs/CDs provided with Virtual PC, Whidbey beta 1 and Express products.

We will be supplying a Virtual PC for you to install, if you don't already have it, a DVD which has a zipped file of Whidney beta 1 already installed under XP Pro (120 day version). This can be then copied directly to the VPC partition on your laptop/PC and when unzipped is about 4Gb. There will also be CDs containing Express items also pre-installed under XP Pro (120 day version) which can be copied directly to your VPC partition.


In order to have enough preinstalled CDs prepared for you so that you can simply copy the zipped file into a Virtual PC partition, we ask that you let us know (just email a reply) stating your requirement.


If you bring a laptop/PC, suggest you bring a power board




6.00 pm questions and answers. Bring along your .Net problems and we will try to answer.

6.15 pm Darren Neimke, James Roe-Smith, Sorin Buzila

Dan and I will be helping Darren, James and Sorin co-ordinate the distribution of CDs intially installing Virtual PC, then copying the files from the DVDs/CDs to your laptops, unzipping and commissioning the various Whidbey components. At various breaks in the evening, Darren, Sorin and James will discuss various new features of Whidbey.

Tonight we are getting Pizza in ($5). Hang about, have something to eat and drink and help to solve the programming problems of the world.