Free High Performance Computing/Compute Cluster Server Training in Sydney September 18/19

David Kelly, our HPC Guy sent me this today - contact me if you're interested in coming along and I'll forward to David:

Microsoft intends to run free Windows Compute Cluster Server training at our Sydney office on September 18 and 19.  The agenda will include the following components:

Infrastructure Section

  1. Review of cluster topologies
  2. Review of deployment methods
    1. Manual
    2. Automated with RIS
    3. Automated with WDS
  3. The Job Scheduler
    1. Types of jobs and resource allocation policies
    2. Submitting jobs with UI or command line
    3. Extending the scheduler with filter programs
  4. Performance optimization & scalability tips, with particular attention to infiniband
  5. Management of cluster operations
    1. With Microsoft Operations Manager 2005
    2. Introduction to Powershell on clusters

Development Section

  1. Overview of Cluster Application architecture
  2. Basics of Job Scheduling
  3. Integrating with Job Scheduler
  4. MPI Basics
  5. Porting Unix Applications to Windows Compute Cluster 2003
  6. A peek at CCS Version 2

We envisage spending approximately 1.5 days covering the above “Infrastructure” items, and then approximately 0.5 days covering the “Development” items. If there is sufficient interest in the “Development” items, then we will consider expanding it to cover an additional 0.5 day (i.e. extending the training into part of a 3rd day on Sept 20th).

We’re presently trying to get a feel for the number of people who may wish to attend this training. I’d appreciate it if you could give some thought to who in your organisation, or partner organisations, may be interested in attending. Please feel free to pass this invitation along to anyone who may be interested.

Could you please let me know:

1) The names of people (in your, or associated organisations) who are interested in attending.

2) Whether they are interested in attending the “Infrastructure” or “Development” sections of the training, or both. (If only interested in attending the “Development” section, then they only need attend for the relevant half-day or so.)

3) If they are interested in expanding the  “Development” section to cover material in more depth, which would necessitate extending the training into part of a 3rd day on Sept 20th.

We’re attempting to finalise the details around the training ASAP, so your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Once we have an idea of the possible number of attendees, we’ll follow up this email with detailed registration information.

Thanks for your help with this inquiry.

Kind regards,