More Virtual .NET Goodness with the LiDNUG

Brian Madsen’s just pinged me to remind me about the next instalment of the Linked In .NET User Group. Following on from the last meeting, Stephen Fulcher will be talking about the ASP.Net Runtime:

In this session, we will go through the key .NET application architectural scenarios and analyze (for each one) how to instrument and monitor for reliability, availability, operating conditions and security. We will also explore how this kind of approach will provide valuable business data to:

  • Increase application security
  • Dynamically change application behavior to help solve tough issues that are inaccessible using a debugger
  • Monitor individual and corporate user behavior
  • Contribute to decisions about version definition and application R&D
  • Discover user behavior
  • Help build the foundation for performance and scalability testing
  • Help the sales team close deals and increase customer satisfaction

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