More VSTS2008 Virtual Images on MSDN

Matt Nunn sent this round recently - a couple of additions to the many Virtual Images you can download and just start using.

I would like to announce that just prior to the holiday season we posted new public VSTS 2008 VPC Images.

There are 2 versions of the VPC available:

· The first VPC is what we call the “all-up” image: Team Foundation Server 2008, Team Explorer 2008, Team Suite 2008, Team Build 2008, and bits of Office 2007 in a single workgroup security mode server image running on Windows Server 2003. Over 11 GB uncompressed.

· The second VPC is a TFS only image with only Team Foundation Server and Team Explorer. It's just under 7 GB uncompressed. We built this image so that you'd run it under Virtual Server with a private network and do all your dev work and builds from your host computer. We are working on a document that gives you all the details and will post it soon.

Both images expire on April 1, 2008. Updated images will be posted before then (in fact the updated images will have sample data, hands-on labs, and updates like Office 2007 SP1 and the TFS Power Tools that were announced over the holiday period).

For more information and to find links to the images go to