New TechTalkBlogs Editors

In my farewell post to the previous Editors of TechTalkBlogs, I dropped five hints about the next incumbents:

  • There are three of them
  • Two of them are not from 'round here, but the third definitely is.
  • Community-minded doesn't even begin to describe these three.
  • I'm sure you can guess one - it'll be a breeze!
  • Think about the other half of D2 (that'd be R2)

In the comments section of that post both Anthony and Mick chimed in with hint-like guesses of their own. I'm disqualifying Mick (sorry mate, but you know too much), but AB wins the prize (it's bragging rights) for his hint that one of the new editors is none other than Mick himself.

The theme for this set of editors is BizTalk, but as I wrote to them in their welcome mail:

that doesn’t mean your posts have to be exclusively about BizTalk. Any technical topic is fair game.

For completeness, the new editors are (from South to North):

Welcome guys!