Office Object Model References on MSDN

Sample Object Model Map

On an internal alias, I recently got asked a question that had come from a customer:

"I wouldn't have harassed you like this, except that I've done heaps of searching and can't locate what I need.
My company has a new CIO, a consequence of which is the need to now embrace all things Microsoft.  We are currently doing some investigation on .NET stuff and Office 2007, but I'm having difficulty finding some concise documentation on Object Models.  I've trawled through MSDN and managed to find a few things out, but what I was really wondering was if there are any one or two page Object Model posters, similar to the ones you use to get in Notes?  I can't see anything useful on MSDN and was wondering if you had access to anything."

I wasn't able to find any posters, but there is a great set of hyperlinked object model diagrams available. Here are a few:

In general, I started at the Office Developer Centre and clicked on the Library tab. I navigated using the treeview to get to the 2007 Microsoft Office System node and then chose the various products, the Developer Reference and then the Object Model reference.